cavapoo breeders in california

The 5 Best Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA) – 2024

The Cavapoo is a crossbreed between the Poodle dog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This combination resulted in one of the cutest designer dogs that fit in with many lifestyle options. Initially, the dog was bred to develop a family companion that would not shed fur or cause allergic reactions to members. It was achieved perfectly with the Cavapoo, and it has since become a favorite for many.

They have an above-average life expectancy among designer dogs as they get to live up to 15 years. The Cavapoo puppies in California can grow up to 25 pounds. They are thus an ideal family addition, and you are bound to have a good time bonding.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Cavapoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a charming little Cavapoo puppy!

Best Cavapoo Breeders in California

When looking for cute Cavapoo puppies in California, you should check out the leading breeders in the state. Here are the best Cavapoo breeders in California.

cavapoo breeders in california

Windy Hill Doodles

The health and well-being of the Cavapoo puppies in California is the main objective of this breeder. It begins from the breeding process as the sires and dams are well inspected to ensure they are healthy.

The breeder ensures they don’t suffer from hereditary infections and that they have strong eye sights, a common problem among designer doodles. The dogs are offered enough room to play and interact with their surroundings. It triggers their curiosity and stimulates their mind, making them easier to train and lovable.

The kennels are spacious and temperature-controlled to keep the doodles comfortable. Once they are born, the breeder will bottle feed them for three weeks using goat’s milk. This process helps the dams recover faster and gain much-needed nutrients without worrying about their puppies. It also introduces them to human love as early as possible.

When you purchase these Cavapoo puppies in California, you will get all their certification. You will also receive membership to the American Kennel Club to interact with other dog owners.

Windy Hill Doodles Contact Information

Puppy Heaven Teacup & Toy Puppies

This breeder specializes in toy and teacup sizes. They come in a wide range of colors, and if this is your ideal dog size, then you are in luck. The breeder has a 17-year reputation for delivering great quality and uniting thousands of families to loving Cavapoo puppies in California.

There are many dams and sires to choose from, and you can meet them before making your purchase. These dogs and their puppies are kept in huge and spacious kennels. They also get to play outside and interact with other puppies on the grassy lawn. It builds on temperament and makes them the loving doodles they are.

The breeder also works with a professional vet who checks on the dogs regularly. They are up to date with vaccinations and deworming. You are thus sure to bond with your Cavapoo puppies in California throughout their lifespan. The breeder offers to ship nationwide.

Puppy Heaven Contact Information

cavapoo puppies in california

California Schnoodles & Sheepadoodles

This family-run breeder has been operational for over 10 years. Since they only breed a handful of dogs, you are sure they each get all the attention they need. It is reflected in the dog quality that hundreds of families have gotten to take home.

The breeder gives the Cavapoo puppies in California a lot of attention before they get to 12 weeks since this is the best time to introduce them to the world. These Cavapoos get to play outside and socialize with other dogs.

They are also vaccinated on time, and buyers get all the necessary certificates. The dogs will be dewormed before you take them home, helping them transition to the new food home.

Since the Cavapoo is intelligent, you will have a simple time raising them while still getting help from the breeder. You will receive a health guarantee for your Cavapoo puppies in California. The dams and sires also get enough rest between breeding cycles, keeping them healthy.

California Schnoodles & Sheepadoodles Contact Information

Lipscomb Doodles

This is family-run breeding located in the serene three-acre property in California. The dogs live with the family and interact with them every day. The breeder’s children help make the dogs social from a young age, and you are thus sure to get loving and compassionate Cavapoo puppies in California.

The dogs are healthy, happy, and have a perfect temperament. They will thus form bonds with family members and become perfect addition. The Cavapoos ate fully vaccinated and dewormed with the certificates available.

They are also vet checked, and you thus get a one-year health guarantee. It shows the trust the breeder has in the quality they produce. The breeding process is monitored clearly to ensure all the dogs are healthy through OFA certifications. You will thus get Cavapoo puppies in California that will keep you company and maintain a healthy condition well into their lives.

Lipcomb Doodles Contact Information

River Doodles

This breeder stands out from many Cavapoo breeders in California due to its practices and methods. First, all the dog breeds are tested to ensure they are healthy. A vet is also readily available to monitor their progress and advise on dieting and how to raise them better.

The breeding location is set on a 5-acre field where the dogs get to play and socialize. It helps build their temperament and allows them to fit into your home perfectly. The pups are handled throughout the day, and once they get to 4 weeks, they are moved to an even bigger and air-conditioned kennel.

The Cavapoo puppies in California are tested by OFA to ensure they are in perfect health. Paw Print Genetics evaluates Sires and dams to ensure they don’t suffer from hereditary infections. You are thus sure to get a high-quality Cavapoo that will stay to its life expectancy.

River Doodle Contact Information

cavapoo puppy in california
cavapoo breeder in california

Conclusion on Best Cavapoo Breeders In California

The Cavapoo will make a great addition to your home. However, when getting one, you should ensure it is from a reputable breeder.

Avoid dog mills as treat the dogs inhumanely. These are among the best breeders to look for when getting Cavapoo puppies in California for the best quality.

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