Can You Touch Newborn Puppies

Can You Touch Newborn Puppies – Everything You Should Know!

Newborn puppies are so cute that you cannot stop yourself from touching them, but can you touch newborn puppies? There are many people who advise against touching newly born puppies. Before you try to touch a newborn puppy, you need to know how to take care of a dog

It may be tempting to hold and stroke your puppy’s soft, new skin, but it’s best to refrain from doing this during the first few weeks of its life. Newborn puppies are incredibly helpless, with pink paws and closed eyes. You can gently touch them to help them become accustomed to human contact and socialization. However, it is best to avoid touching them for the first few weeks as the mother can become aggressive, and you might accidentally injure the pup. 

If you want to know whether it is safe to touch newborn puppies, continue reading this article.

Can You Touch Newborn Puppies

What Are Newborn Puppies Like
When Can You Touch a Newborn Puppy
Will a Dog Let You Touch Their Newborn Puppy

When handling a newborn puppy, start by running your fingers along the back and sides of the pup’s body. Try not to interfere with the mother’s cleaning process, and then slide your hand under the pup’s tummy.

Likewise, if you’re handling a larger pup, use both hands to support its head and cradle its legs near the abdomen. This is a good way to prevent the newborn from rejecting you.

If the mother and the pup are well-bonded, you can touch the puppy. However, if the mother and the puppy do not get along well, you must not touch them. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before handling them. Afterward, you can touch the puppy but not hold it, as touching might cause the puppy to become ill.

As long as you use a good hand-washing technique, you should be able to handle a newborn puppy safely and comfortably.

What Are Newborn Puppies Like?

Newborn puppies don’t move much, and their eyes are closed. After birth, the puppy should go to the mother and be a nurse several times a day for the first few hours. If the puppy has difficulty latching, rub its muzzle over its nipple sideways rather than up and down. This will help it latch on.

Once it has mastered latching, the next step is to start the whelping process. It’s recommended to start this process on day one. You need to know how to take care of a dog when raising a newborn puppy. 

Newborn puppies cannot do anything on their own and are mostly dependent on the mother for everything. Even though they are still tiny and can’t regulate their own body temperature, they can make some noise when they wake up in the morning. As a result, they require constant feeding, so they need to nurse every two hours.

The mother spends most of the day providing care, keeping the puppies clean, and nursing them. The puppies may be handled for short periods of time, but they’re not good candidates for long-term handling. Leaving a little puppy alone without its mother is not a good idea.

Separating them is not a good idea as the puppy cannot do anything on its own. It can also be dangerous for the puppy because it can get separated from its mother and the mother’s heat source.

When Can You Touch a Newborn Puppy?

Although it’s tempting to stroke and cuddle your puppy, you should avoid it as much as possible. A newborn puppy is vulnerable to illnesses, and a simple slip and fall could be the end of the pup’s life.

A clean, disinfected hand is the best way to protect your newborn puppy from contamination. A few tips will help you handle your puppy with care.

First of all, wait until the mother puppy has calmed down. If the puppy is growling, chittering, or has any other sign of aggression; it’s best to stay away. The mother might be protecting the pups and will move them if you go too close.

She’ll eventually be happy to share her babies with you. However, you should still wait until two or three weeks after the puppies’ birth before trying to touch them.

If you’re worried about touching a new puppy, make sure you wear gloves and keep your hands at room temperature. Puppies are very fragile and should only be handled gently, infrequently, and only after the vet has cleared you for safe handling.

During these first weeks, you can gently stroke and cuddle your puppy, but make sure you’re careful not to hurt them or break their bones.

Will a Dog Let You Touch Their Newborn Puppy?

When your dog gives birth, the first thing you may want to know is if the puppy is safe to handle. Although it’s tempting to get close to your new pup, you should be careful not to injure it.

Mother dogs are fiercely protective of their young, and they will usually try to keep strangers from touching their puppies. Touching a puppy during this period can also cause undue stress for the mother.

If the mother dog is ok with you touching the pup, she will most likely let you. However, you should be sure to keep the contact to a minimum and not attempt to pick up the puppy without her consent.

Although this is perfectly normal and ok, it’s still best to refrain from petting the newborn puppy if the mother is uncomfortable with it. 

While some dogs will let you touch their puppies, others might growl at you. It depends on the mother’s comfort whether you can touch the puppy or not. If the mother dog trusts you, she will let you touch the puppies.

However, if you are a stranger, she might attack you if you try to reach for the puppies. So, make sure you wait for the dog’s consent when it comes to touching newborn puppies. 

Will the Mother Reject Newborn Puppies If You Touch Them?

Can You Touch Newborn Puppies
Will the Mother Reject Newborn Puppies If You Touch Them

The myth that touching a newborn will make the mother reject it is wrong. While it is possible for an animal to reject a person’s touch, they will not abandon their child based on smell. Nonetheless, some animals will reject their newborns if they feel threatened by their smell. This myth is false in most cases.

Although a mother will not reject her young if she cannot nurse her infants, it will most likely not accept human contact. However, it is important to refrain from handling a newborn for at least a day and not to touch the puppy while it is still breastfeeding.

Generally speaking, you should not touch a newborn until it has opened its eyes and is walking on its own. 

You can touch a newborn puppy, but you must be gentle. You should only pat the back of the puppy with one finger and only do it if you are not going to touch the mother.

Never hold the newborn for long, and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterward. The newborn is extremely vulnerable to illnesses, so it’s important to wash your hands well before handling it. 

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