Can A Labradoodle Be AKC Registered

Can A Labradoodle Be AKC Registered – UPDATED 2024

Wondering if your Labradoodle can be registered with AKC (American Kennel Club)? You might want to re-think, as AKC doesn’t accept mixed-breed dogs.

Labradoodles are a mixed breed which prevents them from getting AKC registration. For those who aren’t aware, this kennel club recognizes only purebred dogs. You can register with some agency, but most kennel clubs don’t accept crossbreeds.

So while that answers can a Labradoodle be AKC registered, you might want to learn a bit more about this issue as there are several reasons behind this. Keep reading as we cover various topics related to dog registration, AKC, and more!

Labradoodle: An Overview Of The Breed

Why Are Labradoodles Not AKC Registered

Before we delve further into the subject, let’s learn about Labradoodles. It’s only fair to know about this breed and its lineage.

Labradoodles, also famously referred to as designer dogs, are a crossbreed of a poodle and a Labrador Retriever. It is known for being calm, intelligent, friendly, and obedient.

This breed comes in multiple sizes: miniature, medium, and standard. Since it’s a mixed breed, expect variation in sizes, coat textures, colors, and patterns.

Labradoodles have become quite popular mainly for their affectionate nature. They also bond well with humans and other animals. Their calm demeanor makes them ideal service dogs. It’s not surprising that you often see this breed in hospitals tending to people with mental and physical disabilities.

They are also hypoallergenic dogs and shed less, making them suitable for service dogs. Labradoodles may not make the best watchdog because of their friendly nature, but they excel in being therapy dogs.

Overall, it’s a lovely breed instilled with excellent traits of a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever.

About American Kennel Club (AKC)

Now that you know about Labradoodle let’s learn about AKC. This kennel club was formed in 1884 and is one prominent organization. American Kennel Club is a registry body that keeps data on purebred dogs.

It’s a non-profit organization to study the breed and keeps tap of purebred dogs. Not only these but the club is also committed to various events and activities, including performance clubs, agility clubs, performance clubs, etc.

The club has all the information related to purebred dogs. Through their site, you can find reputable breeders and professional groomers. This non-profit organization also has branches spread across the country.

Why Are Labradoodles Not AKC Registered?

Labradoodles are a mixed breed that doesn’t qualify them as AKC registered. Its parents, Poodles and Labrador Retrievers are registered with the club since they are purebred.

AKC deals only with purebred dogs and their pedigree. Besides, Labradoodles have numerous variations, including size, patterns, coats, and color. These aspects make it pretty challenging to register and categorize.

In the case of purebreds, there is a specific identification. It allows the authority to the details of a breed accurately.

Take the example of a Labrador. It’s a pure breed with a specific origin, size, coat, personality traits, etc. It allows the authority to record the data without any hiccups. Since this organization is more like a registry, it allows people to search for details of the specific breed without hassle.

You can visit their official website and search for a breed. All the details will be available to you, including which category it belongs to or its common health issues.

Also, one can predict how the puppy will grow into. In contrast, we cannot predict how a Labradoodle puppy will grow. It may be smaller than Poodle or have a pattern like Labrador.

Given all these aspects, this breed doesn’t qualify to register with AKC. However, it’s not a major issue since there is no specific rule for registering it.

AKC Canine Partners Program

AKC has a program called AKC Canine Partners Program, especially for mixed breeds. It allows non-registered AKC breeds to enroll. You can let your Labradoodle join this program which offers various benefits.

For example, enrolling in this program allows your dog to perform in various events organized by the American Kennel Club. Furthermore, you can apply for pet insurance which comes with a complimentary visit to an AKC-recognized veterinarian.

To become a member of this program, neutering or spaying your dog is necessary. It’s the condition set by the club to which you must adhere. If you have no issue with this, you can enroll your pet in this program.

Some people are pretty hesitant or skeptical about neutering their pets. It’s understandable, but it’s safe if you do it from a reputed veterinarian. Doing this will not affect your dog’s health. Besides, it’s a good step since it avoids unwanted pregnancies and prevents contracting diseases like STDs.

Unless you plan on breeding your dog, this is the step we recommend. Consult a vet if you have doubts or questions related to neutering.

Is Registering A Dog With A Kennel Club Necessary?

The whole purpose of registering a dog to a club is to maintain a pedigree. As stated earlier, only purebred dogs are eligible for registration. Most kennel clubs don’t accept mixed breed dogs for registration but offer an alternative.

Registering a dog comes with multiple benefits and advantages. However, there is no issue or problem if your dog isn’t registered. Unless you intend on breeding your pet, there is no problem. It’s not mandatory to get your Labradoodle registered with a kennel club. So, you don’t have to stress about it.

If you have a purebred dog, you can register with AKC. You need to pay a certain amount of fees to get registered. In return, you can avail various services, including:

  • 24/7 Vet Helpline: This package allows you to have 24/7 access to registered health professionals.
  • AKC Reunite: It provides a custom collar tag that allows you to track your dog 24/7.
  • AKC GoodDog Training Helpline: This service is available seven days per week, where you connect with expert trainers to receive live support and advice.
  • AKC Pet Insurance: It’s a thirty-day pet health insurance covering injuries, accidents, and illnesses.
  • VetNET: You can avail free appointment with a vet affiliated with the American Kennel organization.

Difference Between Purebred And Mixed Breed Dogs

Difference Between Purebred And Mixed Breed Dogs
Is Registering A Dog With A Kennel Club Necessary

We discussed mixed breed and purebred dogs but didn’t get into the details. And it’s only essential that we know about these breeds.

  • Mixed breed

Mixed breeds are crosses of two different breeds like Labradoodles. Some prefer this breed type over purebred as it’s less prone to genetic diseases. They are healthier and more adaptable to the new environment. But not all mixed breeds are the same.

Before you get one, do proper research on the parents, as it will give you an idea about the breed.

  • Purebred

Purebred dogs consist of a single breed. Unlike mixed breeds, it has only specific genetics and shares one family lineage. Additionally, one can predict how the purebred puppy will grow up.

Which Is Better?

We have seen enough debates online between these two breeds. Both mixed and purebred dogs have their pros and cons.

When it comes to temperament and intelligence, mixed-breed dogs seem to be on the good side. They’re bred to inherit the best traits of both their parents. If you look at the health aspect, hybrid ones seem to fare better.

One good aspect about purebred dogs is that we know how the puppy will grow. Since it’s a single breed, we can predict the size, color, and pattern. In comparison, we can only speculate on which side it will go for mixed-breed puppies.

Overall, both breed types are good in their way. The choice lies in you! You can choose one which you find is suitable for you. Regarding cost, purebred dogs might be costlier than mixed breeds. But there are some hybrids like Labradoodle that might be more expensive than some of the purebreds.

That said, regardless of what you go for, ensure that you get from a reputable breeder.

How To Choose A Reputable Labradoodle Breeder

Since Labradoodle can’t register with AKC, we can’t find a breeder from them. You may find various breeders who are not professional. It can be pretty challenging to find a genuine breeder.

Before you get a puppy, do proper research about breeders. Various breeders follow unethical practices and don’t adhere to rules and regulations set by the authority. Adequate research is crucial to get a healthy puppy to avoid all these issues.

If you’re new, these are some of the factors you need to consider while looking for a Labradoodle breeder:

  • Ensure that both parents have good temperaments and don’t have a history of aggression and bites. Meet the puppy’s parents in person and observe their behavior. They should be friendly, gentle, and warm. Some might be wondering why these are important. You should know that whatever behavior the parents have, the puppy inherits it.
  • See that the parents are well-trained and are given adequate care. If you don’t see these, it means the breeder didn’t care for the puppies too.
  • Puppies brought up in pens are fearful as they are less exposed to humans. It makes them unfriendly and aggressive. You should get puppies from breeders that share the same roof and are exposed to household members.
  • Enquire the breeder about how long the puppies have stayed with the mother. They should stay at least seven weeks. If the breeder tries to sell before this period, they’re irresponsible.
  • You should see that the parents have undergone medical checkups. Even if it’s a mixed breed, ensure that a medical test has been conducted. That way, you’ll be aware of their health conditions.
  • Inspect the outer appearance of the parents properly. Check their teeth, which should be white and firm. See their coat and skin to see if it’s well-groomed or not. Now, all these seem like a stretch, but it’s essential. The well-being of the parents determines how the puppies are looked after and the nature of the breeders.
  • Ask for the medical record of the puppy from the breeder. Most breeders take the puppies for checkups and the first shot.

Undoubtedly, Labradoodles are an excellent breed. They are intelligent, well-behaved, and loyal. This breed is also easy to train as they are always eager to learn. However, some might be disappointed knowing it’s not eligible for AKC registration. One should also know that this breed is quite expensive.

We would also like to point out that getting registered is not necessary. Admittedly, you may enjoy various benefits but still have to pay fees for registration.

It’s not mandatory to get registered with AKC. Labradoodles make an excellent companion dog; if that is the only thing you need, it’s worth investing. This breed is ideal for families, couples, and singles.

Labradoodles are easy to maintain and can be adaptable to any environment setting. They are child friendly and blend well with other animals too. It’s not surprising that this breed is quite popular, especially among celebrities.

Eventually, it depends on what you need. Do proper analysis first before getting one. Check whether this breed is suitable for you or not. For example, this breed might not be the best choice if you’re on a budget. First, you have to pay a considerable amount to buy this dog. The expenses continue as you’ll have to pay for food, medical checkups, toys, etc.

Being a pet owner comes with multiple responsibilities. Unless you’re ready to shoulder them, refrain from getting one.

Conclusion on Can A Labradoodle Be AKC Registered

Can A Labradoodle Be AKC Registered

Labradoodles are a wonderful mixed breed known for their friendly nature. This breed is intelligent, obedient, and affectionate. It’s a family-friendly dog available in different size variations, coats, and colors.

Compared to other mixed breeds, Labradoodles are pretty expensive. But it’s worth the cost as they provide invaluable services to humans. If budget isn’t an issue for you, splurge on it. However, ensure that you get it from a reputable breeder.

As we end the article, we hope it has answered your questions about Labradoodles and AKC registration. It may not be eligible for AKC registration, but it’s not mandatory either. Eventually, the decision to get a Labradoodle or not lies in you.

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