Bordoodle Breeders in North Carolina

Top 4 Bordoodle Breeders in North Carolina (NC) – 2024

Intuitive Border Collie/Poodle crossbreeds are known as Bordoodles. They are a rare dog breed in North Carolina that requires the finest breeding procedures to enjoy their companionship. It is easy to get along with them, and they make excellent family pets. Bordoodles perform better when they are lavished with affection and socialized extensively. Although Bordoodles can be a little strange at times, they can be a fantastic family dog that is kid-friendly.

We don’t include backyard breeders. Puppy Mills specialize in chunking out large numbers of puppies without providing them with required training or bothering to raise them in an enjoyable, home-like setting. If better options exist, avoid Puppies from puppy factories and backyard breeders.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Doodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve correctly prepared your home for bringing home a precious little Doodle puppy!

Bordoodle Breeders in North Carolina

Bordoodle puppies in North Carolina
Bordoodle puppy in North Carolina

Bordoodles are superb service dogs and have won several awards because of their very smart nature. There are only a few high-quality Bordoodle breeders in North Carolina, and we’ve narrowed it down to the most respectable of them.

Howdy Doodles

Howdy doodle is a Bordoodle breeder in North Carolina managed by Camryn O’Connor. They are known for breeding quality Bordoodles and Labradoodles and have earned the good breeder badge from It’s a family-run program that breeds health-tested and well socialized Bordoodle puppies in North Carolina. The Bordoodles are not available in Miniature size; Howdy doodles focus on breeding standard-sized Bordoodle puppies.

The application is currently open for new pups. Contact the breeder to learn more about their upcoming litters and what it takes to book a spot. Breeders do receive initial non-refundable deposits to reserve a spot for you. Usually, if an unforeseen event arises, deposits can be transferred to alternative litters at no additional cost.

The parent dogs have been genetically tested and are known to breed healthy pups. We are not sure if the breeder provides health guarantees for their puppies. You may have to contact the breeder for guarantee details. Generally, puppies get ready to go home to their forever owners when they clock 2 months old. Just get ready to pick it up yourself because the breeder seems not to offer puppy transfer.

Howdy Doodles details

  • Price Range: Not Available
  • Sizes: Standard (F1, F1B)
  • Location: North Carolina
  • Website: Howdy doodles

Darlin’ Doggies

Every dog deserves a household capable of lavishing them with affection and care. Darlin’ doodles are the type of breeder who does just that. It is a North Carolina-based multi-breed puppy breeder, which runs a family program that takes great pride in breeding healthy and well-socialized Bordoodle puppies in North Carolina and surrounding areas. (Bordoodle is not listed on their website, but it’s part of their program.)

Each of their puppies is reared using the puppy culture method. Before going to their permanent home, they make sure they have all of their vaccinations, deworming, and vet checks completed.

You can make initial deposits on their breeder page if you want to get a puppy from their litter. Puppy picking starts from when they clock 3 weeks old.

Testing the parents’ DNA has shown no known genetic abnormalities in the litter. As a result, your puppies are guaranteed to enjoy life without chances of genetic disorders fully. The puppies are nurtured in a loving home environment and are thoroughly socialized before adoption. They are taught the fundamentals of puppy toilet and crate training.

Darlin’ doggies rear their puppies in an atmosphere conducive to their development and provide complete puppy stimulation. In addition, the puppies are exposed to other animals, people, new things, and novel circumstances. They provide a 3 years health guarantee on all of their puppies.

Darlin Doggies details

Doodle Poodle Delight

Doodle Poodle Delights is a small hobby breeder located in Marshville, North Carolina. They specialize in raising mini Bordoodles, emphasizing health, structure, and temperament. It’s like a hobby for Karen, the breeder. She takes great pleasure in breeding these extraordinary dogs. It is critical to breeding flexible, well-socialized, and healthy pups.

The Bordoodle puppies in North Carolina are exposed to early neurological stimulations. Hence, Puppies are regularly introduced to novel sights, sounds, scents, and surfaces, including big dogs, tiny dogs, adults, and children. Before their puppies are placed in their new homes, Good Dog ensures that they are in good physical and mental condition.

A deposit of $350 is required to reserve your puppy. The deposits are non-refundable, and the puppies are picked in the order the deposits were made. In addition to a complete puppy starter kit that includes a collar, leash, starter pads, chew bones, water, and food bowls, brush, and a one-year health guarantee, each pup will also receive a veterinary check-up, receive full vaccine shots, and are dewormed before leaving for their forever owners home. The breeder delivers to every state in the United States; transporting your puppy comes at an extra cost, though.

A 1-year health guarantee covers all their puppies. Genetics and birth disorders are covered under the Health Guarantee. Don’t hesitate to contact Doodle Poodle Delights if you want additional information about their specific health practices and litter availability.

Doodle Poodle Delight details

  • Price Range: $950 – $2600
  • Sizes: Mini (F1, F1B)
  • Location: Marshville, North Carolina
  • Website: Doodles Poodles Delight

Curly Collies

Curly Collies is a Bordoodle breeder located in Gaffney, SC, about 150 miles away from North Carolina. They specialize in breeding healthy, friendly, and well socialized Bordoodle puppies. In the breeder’s words: “We strive to breed healthy dogs that combine the best characteristics of the poodle and border collie.” They serve the regions around South Carolina and surrounding states like North Carolina, USA.

It doesn’t matter what kind of puppy you buy; All puppies are sold at the same price, regardless of their gender or coat color. Prices start at $2500 and go up to $3000. With that, you are sure that your puppy will receive their first rounds of vaccinations that are dewormed, registered, and microchipped before leaving your home. Curly Collies puts in every effort to ensure their puppies are well raised with the puppy culture technique.

As part of their strategy to ensure you get the healthiest Bordoodle puppy, Curly Collies offers a comprehensive three-year health guarantee for all puppies. The breeder is taking applications right now. If you want to get a puppy from them, you can put a $300 deposit down to reserve one in their next litter.

Curly Collies details

Bordoodle Breeders in North Carolina
Bordoodle Breeders in North Carolina


North Carolina is home to a small number of Bordoodle breeders, making it difficult to locate genuine breeders. If you live in North Carolina, the information in this post should make realizing your Bordoodle dream a piece of cake.

We recommend that you conduct a thorough study before selecting a breeder. Have you purchased a puppy from any of the breeders on this list?

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