Springerdoodle Breeders In Pennsylvania Springerdoodle Puppies In Pennsylvania

The 5 Best Springerdoodle Breeders In Pennsylvania (2024)

If you’re looking for a Springerdoodle puppy in Pennsylvania and have a deep affection for this breed, we have a handy list of breeds that you’ll find quite useful.

Selecting the right Springerdoodle breeder that caters to your requirements is of utmost importance, even though it can be quite challenging.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Springerdoodle breeders in Pennsylvania. Here are the ones that made it to the top.

The Best Springerdoodle Breeders In Pennsylvania



If you’re in search of a Springerdoodle puppy in Pennsylvania, then you should definitely consider using PuppySpot to find your furry friend. Although they may not be physically located in Pennsylvania, they offer shipping services to every state in the US, making it incredibly easy to get your puppy right to your doorstep.

PuppySpot is a trusted online platform that connects prospective dog owners with reputable breeders across the country, ensuring that all puppies are raised with the utmost care and attention. Their rigorous screening process ensures that all breeders meet their high standards, so you can rest assured that your new pup will be healthy and happy.

Furthermore, PuppySpot offers a wide range of services that make the process of getting a new puppy easier and more enjoyable, including 24/7 customer support, health guarantees, and personalized travel arrangements.

By choosing PuppySpot to find Springerdoodle puppies in Pennsylvania, you can be confident that you’ll get a healthy and happy pup, along with exceptional customer service and support throughout the entire process.

PuppySpot Details

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield puppies is a network of breeders throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states who have been in the business for over a decade. The breeders of greenfield puppies follow strict guidelines and have been helping owners find the perfect puppy. Also, they disapprove of puppies from mills, so you can be assured that you’ll only receive puppies from breeders who adhere to the state’s laws and guidelines.

Don’t look further if you’re looking for a Springerdoodle from reputed breeders at a great price. Springerdoodle puppies at greenfield range from $300 to $1050 and follows a mandatory health guarantee for every puppy for 30 days.

Also, strict guidelines are being laid out that every breeder must follow, such as deworming and vet checks. For added security, they also recommend that owners visit the breeder directly to see how the puppies have been raised and their environment.

Additionally, they recommend taking your puppy to a vet for a proper examination within ten days after your purchase. That way, if the vet rules out that the puppy is ill or has sustained any injury before the delivery, you can get a refund, replacement, or reimbursement.

Greenfield Puppies Details

Crockett Doodles

If you want to adopt a Springerdoodle in Pennsylvania that families have lovingly raised, then crocket doodles make an ideal place. They are a network of family breeders who look after the puppies with utmost love and care until they’re ready to be adopted or go to their forever homes.

All the puppies are bred, born, and looked after by families with great attention, assuring you that all the puppies have been raised with loving arms.

Here at Crockett Doodles, the deposits are flexible and refundable, excluding a 9% processing fee. As for the delivery, you can either pick up your puppy from their partner homes or use their delivery service. They have a flight nanny and ground delivery option with different charges.

The price of Springerdoodle ranges from $100 to $2000 depending on the size, gender, and color of the coat. They also provide exciting discounts you won’t want to miss.

Crockett Doodles Details

Homemade Puppies, LLC

As the name suggests, the puppies available here are all homebred and home-raised. Homemade puppies is a family-owned business that can help you look for trusted pet breeders near Pennsylvania. They have a wide selection of puppies up for adoption, including Springerdoodle.

Also, the adoption process for homemade puppies is simple. If the puppy in the picture catches your attention, you can click on the image, and there you’ll find all the necessary details, including the location. That way, it can be easier for you to choose a breeder near you. Moreover, the website states that they have extensively researched all breeders so that you can easily select your newest family member.

Homemade puppies are a reputed organization that ensures you receive a healthy home-raised furry friend from a reliable breeder.

Homemade Puppies Details

Keystone Puppies, LLC

Keystone puppies is a reputed advertising platform for creditable breeders to showcase their well-bred puppies. You’ll find many breeds here, including Springerdoodle, Poodle, Springador, designer breeds, and more.

Showcasing puppies at keystone puppies comes with stringent guidelines, and every breeder practices ethical breeding. You can browse the wide selection and contact the breeder through the information provided on the page for all the information required regarding the breed.

With excellent reviews from its customers listed on its website, it’s safe to say that they deal only with professional breeders who focus on producing healthy puppies. Even if you don’t live nearby, the team can assist you throughout the delivery process.

Moreover, for reliability, the team ensures that every breeder delivers a health guarantee during purchase. So once you receive your puppy, you’ll have to take your dog to a vet for examination within ten days. During the said time, if you learn that your dog has sustained an injury or is ill, you can get a refund, reimbursement, or replacement.

Keystone Puppies Details

  • Website: https://www.keystonepuppies.com/
  • Address: 4214 Green Park Dr., Mount Joy, PA 17552
  • Phone: (717) 925-3243

Everything You Should Know Before Adopting Springerdoodle Puppies in Pennsylvania

Springerdoodle Breeders In Pennsylvania Springerdoodle Puppies In Pennsylvania

Springerdoodle are intelligent and affectionate dogs and are a wonderful addition to any family, but it’s important to know everything you can about them before making the commitment.

  • Firstly, it’s essential to understand that Springerdoodles are a crossbreed between English Springer Spaniels and Poodles. Depending on the specific breeding, they can vary in size, weight, and coat type. However, they are generally medium-sized dogs that weigh between 30-60 pounds and have wavy or curly coats that require regular grooming.
  • As for temperament, Springerdoodles are known for being intelligent, friendly, and playful. They make great family pets and get along well with children and other pets. However, they require plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior.
  • Before adopting a Springerdoodle puppy, it’s important to find a reputable breeder who has taken proper care in breeding and raising the puppies. Make sure the breeder can provide you with health clearances for both the English Springer Spaniel and Poodle parents, as well as documentation of the puppy’s vaccinations and deworming.
  • Once you bring your new puppy home, it’s important to establish a routine and set boundaries from the start. Springerdoodles respond well to positive reinforcement training, and consistency is key. Socialization is also crucial in the early stages of your puppy’s life to ensure they become well-adjusted adults.
  • Lastly, it’s important to budget for the cost of owning a Springerdoodle. They require regular grooming, vaccinations, and check-ups at the vet. They also require high-quality food and plenty of toys and mental stimulation. It’s important to be prepared for these expenses before adopting a puppy.

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