Best Labradoodle Breeders in Connecticut

The 6 Best Labradoodle Breeders in Connecticut (CT)

A Labradoodle is a hybrid dog breed of the Labrador Retriever and the Standard or Miniature Poodle. It is one of the popular types of designer dogs. There are several dog shows every year where you can find different breeders in Connecticut exhibiting their puppies.

Labradoodles are one of the most popular hybrids in America and CT is not an exception in breeding Labradoodles. Connecticut is a fantastic state to raise your Labradoodle and enjoy life with your new family addition, with a stunning combination of rural retreats and coastal communities. This article will help you in choosing your best labradoodle breeder in Connecticut (CT).

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Labradoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an amazing Labradoodle puppy!

Best Labradoodle Breeders in Connecticut (CT)

Let’s take a closer look at our list of the best Labradoodle breeders in Connecticut.



I know that looking for the ideal Labradoodle breeder in Connecticut can be a bit overwhelming, so I wanted to share my fantastic experience with PuppySpot. As a dog behavior expert and a dog lover, I know how vital it is to find a responsible breeder, and I must say, PuppySpot is truly exceptional.

PuppySpot is on a mission to help people like you and me find joyful, healthy puppies from breeders who are dedicated to the highest standards in animal care and breeding practices. When you choose a breeder through PuppySpot, you can trust that you’re welcoming a Labradoodle that has been raised with love and care, ready to become a balanced member of your pack.

One thing I genuinely appreciate about PuppySpot is their commitment to excellent customer service. They are always there to answer your questions and guide you through the entire process, from selecting your perfect Labradoodle to bringing your new furry family member home.

And remember, their support doesn’t end after you’ve picked up your pup—they’ll be available to help with any concerns or questions as your Labradoodle grows and adapts to its new environment.

Transparency is another essential aspect of PuppySpot. They provide in-depth information about each breeder, complete with photos, reviews, and even a video call option, allowing you to meet the breeder and see the puppies firsthand before deciding. This way, you can feel confident about the breeder’s practices and the environment where your Labradoodle comes from.

Moreover, PuppySpot offers a health guarantee, which is extremely comforting for anyone who wants to ensure their Labradoodle is in the best possible health. They go above and beyond to give you peace of mind and make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you’re on the hunt for a Labradoodle breeder in Connecticut, I wholeheartedly recommend giving PuppySpot a try.

PuppySpot Details

My Best Doodle

My Best Doodle is a Labradoodle kennel located in East Lyme. In the Lower Valley Shore region of central Connecticut, midway between New York and Boston, you’ll find this family-owned Labradoodle breeder that is operational not only in Deep River and Chester but also serving Northeastern states Rhode Island, New England area, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Maine.

They are a family-owned and operated professional breeder in love with their dogs and puppies; moreover, they are one of the best dog breeders in CT. It has achieved its goal of breeding healthy, happy Labradoodles that are good-looking and have a great temper.

Its dogs are of top quality, healthy, and come at very reasonable prices. Also has excellent support for their puppy buyers. They offer help with selecting the best nutrition, training, and health care for your new labradoodle puppy, as well as guidance through your puppy’s life. In addition, they listen and respond to their pet parents and make sure they are happy and well-informed about all aspects of your new Labradoodle puppy.

Nutmeg Labradoodles

Located in Andover, Connecticut, Nutmeg Labradoodles give priority to the health of their poodles and labs. They breed for color, coat, and temperament while living with them as part of their family so they can ensure great care is provided to all of their dogs.

They have a wide variety of Labradoodle colors. All of their dogs are raised in their home, with all family members and rooms available for playtime included. They love these dogs so much and want to ensure their transition into your home is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Nutmeg knew they were ready to take on the responsibility of breeding them and started their program with two champion show dogs. Nutmeg Labradoodles also provides a health guarantee, which can cover anything from congenital issues to orthopedic problems.

Being members of the (ALAA), they ensure that all of their dogs are subjected to comprehensive health testing, including eyes, joints, and heart, to ensure you’re receiving a happy and healthy Labradoodle puppy. They’re a house pet breeder operational since 2006 and specialize in producing tiny and medium-sized Australian Labradoodles.

Best Labradoodle Breeders in Connecticut

Blue Bay Labradoodles

Located in Central Connecticut and convenient to the tri-state area of New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Connecticut (CT), Blue Bay Labradoodles ensure that their poodle and Labrador genetics are of the finest quality to create adorable labradoodle puppies. They breed for temperament, health, coat color, and size.

They carefully select each breeding pair to ensure they produce healthy Labradoodles with wonderful temperaments loved by their family. In addition, all of their dogs are health-tested to prove they’re free from any genetic diseases that might affect the labradoodle puppies or parents.

They follow rigorous standards with health testing to ensure the best quality for their customers. They also offer lifetime support for all of their puppy owners and can provide you with information, help, and advice on raising your Labradoodle at any time.

True North Labradoodles

Conveniently located in Westport, NY tri-state area, Connecticut. True North Labradoodles have been a family-run labradoodle breeder in business for over 10 years. They breed healthy Australian Labradoodle puppies with excellent temperaments and beautiful coats in various sizes.

Their specialization is multigenerational Australian Labradoodles in the mini and small-medium size range. Their main goal is to produce Labradoodles that are a shining example of the breed’s disposition and form. The puppies are raised in their own house or with hand-picked guardians, and they’re socialized from a young age.

They also do live video chat to keep buyers updated on their Labradoodles and provide advice and support after receiving your puppy. They are just a short drive away from New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey, and Vermont.

Tri-State Labradoodles

Tri-State Labradoodles take pride in their Labradoodle puppies and love to socialize them with people, other dogs, cats, horses, etc. They are all color tested before they are bred, so you can be assured of getting a beautiful non-shedding puppy that will grow up to be part of your family. They breed medium-sized Australian Labradoodles with a lineage dating back to the fourth generation.

They do live chat with their puppy owners to help them raise the puppies and provide advice on anything they need. They love all of their Labradoodles and have a large extended family that is an integral part of raising the puppies, including children. All of their dogs are health screened and have a genetic health guarantee for two years. This small in-home breeder serves the tri-state area and all of New England.

Labradoodle puppies in Connecticut

Final Remarks

Labradoodles have made an impact in numerous places around the United States, including Connecticut. There are many different Labradoodle breeders in Connecticut, and it’s crucial to avoid a bad breeder. Labradoodles are a 10-plus-year investment, and if you don’t acquire a healthy puppy, you’ll end up paying a lot of money for medical bills afterward. So do your homework to ensure you obtain a healthy and happy Labradoodle puppy.

The state of Connecticut is an excellent location to raise a Labradoodle. The Labradoodle flourishes in this climate, which has mild summers and comfortable winters. However, if the weather becomes too scorching, you may trim your Labradoodle’s fur or allow it to grow out.

On a concluding note, we have given you the 5 best labradoodle breeders in Connecticut. We hope that this list and information were helpful to you and it will help you decide on the right breeder for your next adorable Labradoodle puppy.

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