Are Sheepadoodles Calm Dogs

Are Sheepadoodles Calm Dogs – Everything You Should Know

Are you planning to get a Sheepadoodle puppy and find yourself asking are Sheepadoodles calm dogs and what about their temperament in general? If so, we have it covered! This dog breed is intelligent, friendly, and loves the company of people.

Sheepadoodles are calm dogs, and it’s not surprising that they are a favorite among families with kids. They are quite playful and love going out for walks. This crossbreed is obedient and loyal, making it a great companion dog.

It has all the excellent qualities of OES and the Poodle. If you prefer a good temperamental dog, a Sheepadoodle would be perfect. Read on as we delve more into this crossbreed and its personality.

Sheepadoodle – Characteristics and Types

Sheepadoodles are a crossbreed of OES and the different Poodle types. Hence, you will see multiple variants of this breed. Regardless, it has a good temperament making it a great companion.

Sheepadoodles are available in different types:

  • Standard Sheepadoodle: It is a combination of standard Poodle and OES. This crossbreed is the largest among the different variants of Sheepadoodle.
  • Toy Sheepadoodle: It is a mix of OES and toy Poodle. If you prefer a small dog, this one would be great.
  • Mini Sheepadoodle: It is a crossbreed of miniature and OES. This mix breed is quite popular because of its size, making it convenient as it’s adaptable in any living space.

Regardless of the size and features, Sheepadoodles have the same personality and intelligence. They are friendly and love the company of their pet parents. It has excellent social skills, is gentle, and is friendly with other dogs.

This breed loves to go out for walks, and as a pet parent, it’s essential to give your furry friend sufficient physical activity. It will help them to grow well and attain their full adult size.

Sheepadoodles are also known for their strong health and have minor health issues. However, it would help to take proper care of your pet to avoid developing any health problems.

Furthermore, this crossbreed is mainly hypoallergenic, but it depends on the parents’ genes. If you want to know the hypoallergenic status of your dog, ask the breeder from whom you have got your Sheepadoodle.

What to Do if a Sheepadoodle Gets Aggressive?

Sheepadoodles are known for their calm nature but can be pretty aggressive due to multiple factors. They are non-aggressive in the heart but tend to lose their coolness if they are neglected or don’t give adequate care and love.

Here are some of the factors that can cause a Sheepadoodle to get aggressive:

  • Negligence

As a pet parent, it’s crucial to give sufficient love to your furry friend. Like humans, they need attention from us and spend time with them often. And if ignored, they might get upset, lonely, withdrawn, and unfriendly. Therefore, to avoid all these issues, give enough time and attention to your dog.

  • Pain and hurt

A Sheepadoodle can also get aggressive if it faces physical harm or abuse by someone. Therefore, while training your dog, ensure that you don’t reprimand it physically. Be patient, and your puppy will understand the tricks gradually. If you’re harsh or strict with your dog, aggressive behavior will develop. So, be kind and shower your furry friend with love.

  • Danger

Dogs can sense strange things or danger around them. The same goes for Sheepadoodle, and they may get aggressive to protect themselves from the threat. It’s their natural ability, and all we can do is try to calm them by patting their head or hugging them gently.

  • Lack of physical activity

Boredom can also cause your Sheepadoodle to develop aggressive behavior. This crossbreed is energetic and playful and loves to go out for walks with its pet parents. If you leave them alone often, your furry friend will suffer from boredom and develop aggressive behavior.

These are some factors that can cause a Sheepadoodle to get aggressive. As a pet owner, ensure that you shower them with adequate love, care, and physical activity. Sheepadoodles are good-natured dogs, and with proper upbringing, they may become your best friend or companion.

What Are the Ways to Calm an Aggressive Dog?

If your Sheepadoodle has developed an aggressive behavior or acts indifferent at times, here is how you can calm them:

  • Avoid getting close or scold your dog if it’s already aggressive. Instead, observe the situation and try to calm your furry friend. You can use the ‘No’ command or offer your favorite treats to get its attention. Be patient and let your dog take time to settle gradually.
  • Let your Sheepadoodle socialize with other animals and humans and take them to the new environment. That way, it will prevent your dog from feeling scared in front of a stranger or feeling strange or fear in a new place.
  • Spend quality time with your furry friend often to prevent it from getting bored. Try to play with your dogs often so that they won’t feel neglected and lose their aggressive behavior.
  • If your dog has aggressive behavior, try to know its cause. Knowing the reason will help you find ways to calm your pet.

Conclusion on Are Sheepadoodles Calm

Are Sheepadoodles Calm Dogs

We hope that this article has helped you understand the nature and characteristics of a Sheepadoodle. This crossbreed is friendly, intelligent, and loyal. Additionally, it is calm and loves the attention of its pet parent.

This breed type is family-oriented and safe for kids. So, if you have young children at home, keeping a Sheepadoodle would be brilliant. Additionally, it’s easy to manage this breed, given that you have an excellent hairbrush to comb its hair. This breed tends to shed less than other dogs making, thus avoiding the task of cleaning or vacuuming its hair.

Being a pet parent comes with multiple responsibilities. And if you’re planning to get a puppy, do proper research to understand its personality. It will help you with how to take care of your dog and attain its needs accordingly.

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