Bringing home a new Labradoodle is a great feeling, but getting it home is just the first step. A Labradoodle will need several different items when coming to live with you.

The items here are just the essentials, and these products are the exact same ones I used for my Labradoodle Monty when I brought him home.

If you start off with these, then you’ll have a great starting point. You’ll find other things later on that you’ll need of course. But for now, let’s not break the bank and just worry about the essentials.



  • BAAPET 5 FT Leash – Amazing price and durability all in one. This leash is better than leashes at even 2 or 3 times its’ price. Get one!


  • URPOWER Dog Bowls – An Amazon bestseller for a long time, and that’s for a reason. Durable, and also quite good-looking in my opinion.


  • Annamaet Grain Free – My Labradoodle loves the products from Annamaet, and we’ve never had any stomach issues what so ever.

But when it comes to dog food, always make sure to check out as they are always up to date with the latest developments and news regarding dog food and possible recalls.


  • AmazonBasics Folding Crate – First of, crates are not cruel. Dogs like an enclosed space to sleep in. It makes them feel safe and secure. A crate for containment also helps in training. Don’t forget a blanket or something soft to lie on inside the crate. See my lengthy review of this crate here.


  • RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness – I really struggled with finding a harness that was both durable and also a perfect fit, until someone recommended me the RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness. It’s been a perfect fit, and my dog can’t just slip out of it as I’ve previously experienced with other products. And it’s also quite reasonably priced.

Collar and ID tag

  • This Collar – The possibility of adding your dogs’ name and contact info directly to the collar is a great option, and it won’t come off as easily as a regular ID tag. And you can get the collar in a bunch of different colors and sizes. It’s a must-have item.
  • PetSafe Spray Anti-Bark Collar – I was a bit skeptic before buying this for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised at just how effective it is in preventing my Labradoodle from barking. Now that he’s well-trained we don’t use it anymore, but for a long time, it was a fantastic method of preventing angry neighbors.