fun facts about dogs

13 Fun Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know

5. A Dogs’ Brain and Dreams

A cat’s brain weighs around 0.06 lbs (30 gram) and humans brains around 2.8 lbs (1300 gram). If we look at the brain of a Beagle dog, it weighs around 0.15 lbs (70 gram).

Those 0.15 lbs are also used for dreaming because dogs’ are just as capable of dreaming as humans are. Dogs’ have two centers in the brain for sleeping, one for light and one for the very deep sleep. The deep sleep is called REM (Rapid eye movements). If you notice your dogs’ eyes are twitching and moving while the dog is sleeping, you can assume that he’s in deep sleep. Humans are also capable of REM-sleep, and it’s in this stage where we dream.

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