Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

6 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make When Training Their Dogs

2. Not Recognizing The Dogs’ Fears

A lot of behavioral issues with dogs occurs due to fear in the dog, and in most cases, the owner doesn’t recognize the signals from the dog.

When a dog is scared it will:

  1. Raise the hairs on the middle of the back
  2. Hide
  3. Put its’ tail between the legs
  4. Jumps to be carried by the owner (mostly with smaller dogs)
  5. Lay the ears back over the head

If your dog is constantly afraid, it will often end up aggressive.

That’s why you will have to help your dog overcome those fears, because he can’t do it alone. You will have to help rebuild its’ confidence and gait. Something that’s best done in new sorroundings.

What You Should Do

Remember to praise the dog when he’s trying to overcome his fear, and make sure you dispense a treat in the shape of something delicious that you know he loves, so the dog will always see it as a positive experience.

Don’t expect that the dog will be able to overcome their fears right away. Recognize any small step he takes. Praise and try to motivate him to continue if he gets to a roadblock of any kind.

What You Should‘nt Do

Don’t lift your dog and carry it around nor should you allow it to hide behind you. This will only enhance any fears it might have.

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